Q. What is hand poked tattoo? 

A. Hand poked tattoo is a method of tattooing that uses various needles which get repeatedly dipped into ink and then poked into the skin. Lines and dots are built up to create a subtle, refined tattoo. 

Q. What ink do you use?

A. For all of my tattoos I use Intenze ink. Intenze is 100% vegan and does not test on animals. 

Q. How do I make a booking with you?
A. Jump on over the booking tab at the top of the page or send me a message on Instagram @stickaroundtattoo. Generally there is between 1-2 week waiting list so best to book a few weeks before you want your tattoo.

Q. Can I use your design to be tattooed by another artist? 

A. Many of my designs are available for sale, please contact for prices. 

Q. Can I get a tattoo that you have already done?

A. Much of my flash is available for repeats or variations.

Q. How much does a tattoo cost from you?

A. Prices vary on design location, size, detail and design time. It is best to get in contact for an estimate. Custom designs will incur a drawing fee. 

Q. Is there anything you don't tattoo?

A. I have a hardline stance on tattooing anything that is cultural appropriation/generally offensive. I don't tattoo any of the following unless its the clients culture:
Native American head dresses
Hamsa Hands
Dream Catchers
script in other languages (certain exceptions) 
Sugar skulls
Henna style
Tribal style

Q. Are there any spots on the body that you won't tattoo? 

A. For the most part I avoid tattooing ribs and inner biceps as they have a higher risk of blow out. I will tattoo simple designs on neck, head and hands. 

Q. If I need to cancel my appointment can I get my deposit back.

A. Due to the time that it takes to design and schedule tattoos deposits are non refundable. If you contact with 48 hours notice your appointment may be able to be rescheduled if dates are available.